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Pre-order or "dyed to order" orders are dyed in the order they are received.

I DO NOT dye batch dye by colorway. 

Example: I dye all of 1 months orders at the same time together. So if you ordered Dinner at Tiffany's in November and I am working on September's orders and you see that I am dyeing Dinner at Tiffany's, it does not mean that your order is included in that batch because you ordered that particular color way. 

Any ready to ship yarn that is placed in my shop is one of two things. 

1. An extra skein from a pan because I have to dye in batches of 2 or 4 depending on the color way or the color way will not come out correct. I almost always have extra skeins from pans. This is how I have ran my business from the beginning. 

2. I decided to dye extras at the end of a dye day OR produce some new color ways as to keep my dyed to order menu fresh and my creative juices flowing. If I don't create new color ways WHILE DYEING ORDERS then I get bored. 

It does not mean that I am putting orders aside and selfishly dyeing yarn and ignoring orders that are already in queue. 

Please don't assume because you see ready to ship OR new color ways that I'm ignoring orders that I already have. 

I also encourage you to go read my "Store Policies" as well. As it explains that I am a very small business with a family and let's be honest, sometimes turnaround times cannot be kept due to a ton of outside aliments that are out of our control. Click the link to read.